Thursday, 22 March 2012


I'm back and i didn't post for a while because i was really very busy with my bio and calculus assessment plus my camp work but now it's all done! So, my posts will be updated once or twice a week.

Anaximander (a student giving an interview exam on Adam Forde) has started her interview exam and is very nervous about it.  Even though she is an expert on the history of Adam Forde, she gets worried before ever question the examiners ask. she tries to know the examiners and makes the environment comfortable by joking with the examiner. when the examiner asks if she wants to ask anything before they begin then Anaximander replies by saying " i would like to ask you what the answers are." But none of the examiners acknowledged  and make the situation worse for Anaximander. she is then given a question on the life of Adam Forde  and was asked to answer it. After the question was asked she was thinking if the question was a trick to confuse her or not as she was not an expert of the political background. Because she was in too deep thinking about the question she didnt realise of the time so the examiner had to ask her if she understood the question.

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