Thursday, 12 April 2012

This is a summary of what i have read after my last post!

So Anaximander is answering all the questions that are being put up by the examiners. It has been an hour and examiners told Anax to have some rest. As she enters a room, she sees a security guard standing in front of her.   The security guard and Anaximander have a little conversation about the security guard's story of when he was Anax's age and how he was in The Academy. The break finishes and they leave the room. The examiners now again question Anaximander about the hero Adam. Every time examiners question Anax, she stays silent for a while and thinks about the question and encourages herself in her mind that she knows how to answer the question and has gone through it with Pericles. Another hour pasts and she is again told to have some rest. She leaves and goes to the same room where she was before for her first break. But sees no one as she was expecting the security guard to be in that room. As she is now alone in the room, her thoughts turned to her tutor,Pericles, and the time when they first met. Anax had a favourite place, a ridge up above the city which she liked to visit very much. She walks there after her classes. she always asked her friends to accompany her but they were reluctant walkers so, she used to go by herself. She thinks that she is different from her friends and blames herself and believes that there is something wrong with her. She doesn't like the gossip her friends do and enjoyed the old days wen they used to play games. But when she asked her friends, she was told that she is taking a bit long to grow up.

This is all what i have read and i'll keep posting :)


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