Friday, 20 April 2012

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As Anax has not seen anyone up the top of the hill, she notices Pericles from a distance and notices him. Pericles also scans her back and turns his attention to the sunset. Anax then introduces herself. Anax thinks that he is not like her friends and doesn't talk about silly things andhe chooses words carefully for the sounds they made or the shape of the ideas they folded into. Anax goes there next day and the day after that. When she knows tat Pericles is a tutor in The Academy, she tells him all about her studies and Adam and everything that could link him. After listening to her, Pericles suggest Anax to join The Academy and he can tutor her.She thinks that it was a joke because getting in The Academy is really hard as less then one percent get admitted in it. Pericles encourages her to join but Anax says that she doesnt have enough money to afford the tuitions. Pericles then says that he can find a sponsor. Pericles than gives her some files to study and arranged a preliminary assessment and gets top scores so she then finds a sponsor. Pericles now prepares her for the harder challenge which she is facing now.

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