Friday, 20 April 2012

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As Anax has not seen anyone up the top of the hill, she notices Pericles from a distance and notices him. Pericles also scans her back and turns his attention to the sunset. Anax then introduces herself. Anax thinks that he is not like her friends and doesn't talk about silly things andhe chooses words carefully for the sounds they made or the shape of the ideas they folded into. Anax goes there next day and the day after that. When she knows tat Pericles is a tutor in The Academy, she tells him all about her studies and Adam and everything that could link him. After listening to her, Pericles suggest Anax to join The Academy and he can tutor her.She thinks that it was a joke because getting in The Academy is really hard as less then one percent get admitted in it. Pericles encourages her to join but Anax says that she doesnt have enough money to afford the tuitions. Pericles then says that he can find a sponsor. Pericles than gives her some files to study and arranged a preliminary assessment and gets top scores so she then finds a sponsor. Pericles now prepares her for the harder challenge which she is facing now.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

This is a summary of what i have read after my last post!

So Anaximander is answering all the questions that are being put up by the examiners. It has been an hour and examiners told Anax to have some rest. As she enters a room, she sees a security guard standing in front of her.   The security guard and Anaximander have a little conversation about the security guard's story of when he was Anax's age and how he was in The Academy. The break finishes and they leave the room. The examiners now again question Anaximander about the hero Adam. Every time examiners question Anax, she stays silent for a while and thinks about the question and encourages herself in her mind that she knows how to answer the question and has gone through it with Pericles. Another hour pasts and she is again told to have some rest. She leaves and goes to the same room where she was before for her first break. But sees no one as she was expecting the security guard to be in that room. As she is now alone in the room, her thoughts turned to her tutor,Pericles, and the time when they first met. Anax had a favourite place, a ridge up above the city which she liked to visit very much. She walks there after her classes. she always asked her friends to accompany her but they were reluctant walkers so, she used to go by herself. She thinks that she is different from her friends and blames herself and believes that there is something wrong with her. She doesn't like the gossip her friends do and enjoyed the old days wen they used to play games. But when she asked her friends, she was told that she is taking a bit long to grow up.

This is all what i have read and i'll keep posting :)


Thursday, 22 March 2012


I'm back and i didn't post for a while because i was really very busy with my bio and calculus assessment plus my camp work but now it's all done! So, my posts will be updated once or twice a week.

Anaximander (a student giving an interview exam on Adam Forde) has started her interview exam and is very nervous about it.  Even though she is an expert on the history of Adam Forde, she gets worried before ever question the examiners ask. she tries to know the examiners and makes the environment comfortable by joking with the examiner. when the examiner asks if she wants to ask anything before they begin then Anaximander replies by saying " i would like to ask you what the answers are." But none of the examiners acknowledged  and make the situation worse for Anaximander. she is then given a question on the life of Adam Forde  and was asked to answer it. After the question was asked she was thinking if the question was a trick to confuse her or not as she was not an expert of the political background. Because she was in too deep thinking about the question she didnt realise of the time so the examiner had to ask her if she understood the question.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


we have to read an extended written text in 12IMS so, i decided to read Genesis by Bernard Beckett.

Genesis is a science fiction novel in which a character Anaximander, a new candidate from the academy participating in a four hour examination. Her chosen are of expertise is on the life of her dead hero Adam Forde and questions are asked by the examiners about him and his life. Anaximander gets nervous before every question that has been put up by the examiner and after answering it she gets tensed whether the examiners are satisfied with the answer or not. Anximander gives detailed information about Adam Forde with her point of view about him and the history.

This is all summarized till what i've read and i'll keep posting!!